I think it's important for all children to learn how to draw. Children who can express themselves visually tend to be better students. As a child I learned how to draw by copying pictures from coloring books and comic books. I remember classmates saying they wished they could draw. The fact is that it's not hard to draw and the earlier children embark on trying to draw the better an artist they can become.

All pictures are made up of basic shapes. It's on this premise that I came up with the technique that I use in my "How to Draw Using 5 Easy Shapes" books. When my grandson, Drew, was about 5 years old I taught him how to draw using this very technique.

These books teach children how to draw many of their favorite characters using basic shapes that they already know how to draw or can be easily learned. By following my examples, they learn to see that complex pictures are just a grouping of simple shapes. After just a few lessons they're ready to master these as well as their own characters!


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