The price of a commissioned oil painting is based on its size and complexity (such as the number of people or objects to be included). All paintings are done from customer supplied photographs (note: you must have full ownership rights to the image!).

The quality of the finished painting is dependent on the quality of the photo. Not every photo will make a good painting. I'm happy to work with my clients to select an image that will make an exceptional painting. The very best images show the person or animal "doing something" that exemplifies their personality. Examples of photos and finished paintings are shown below.

Larger paintings or those with complex subjects will require more time to deliver. I try to deliver completed paintings in a timely manner but it's important to understand that fine art oil paintings take time to complete. For example, it takes a mininum of 2 weeks just for the paints to dry before a protective layer of varnish can be applied. I typically ask for several months lead time to complete a painting.